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Woodtech's Revolution in the Digitalization of Industrial Operational Processes.

Updated: Apr 5

In an increasingly digital world, companies face the challenge of finding reliable technological solutions capable of deliver eficiency to industrial operations. In this scenario, Woodtech emerges as a sustainable and innovative leader in development, implementation, and maintenance of technological solutions for industrial processes, enabling customers to automate, systematize, and optimize their operations. In this article, we'll explore how Woodtech's technologies are transforming the way traditional industries operate and why investing in them is a smart decision.


logmeter woodtech forestal

Why Invest in Woodtech Technologies?

Woodtech's process-oriented solutions offers high-precision, real-time results for operations, allowing companies to optimize their performance and make quick and reliable informed decisions. Through automation and digitalization, it's possible to reduce manual labor, waiting times, mitigate calculation errors, and maximize the availability of relevant information for different operational processes.

By dessign, Woodtech's solutions are easy to implement with minimal interruptions on daily processes. All the commisioning is supported by Woodtech Team and includes support in installation, calibration, and training, offering assistance at every stage.

Woodtech's solutions allows seamlessly integration with different enterprise management systems, including LIMS, SAP, among other systems. The integration between these systems and Woodtech Solutions leverages management capabilities.

By automating and digitizing industrial processes, Woodtech technologies help to improve productivity, control operations, reduce costs in processes, and access precise and auditable information, leading to profitability maximization.

Logmeter and Bulkmeter

Woodtech's flagship products, Logmeter and Bulkmeter, are transforming the way raw materials are measured and controlled. These systems represent Woodtech's constant path of development within the frame of innovation and rigorousness to achieve precise results,

integrating a variety of hardware, software, and networking technologies that culminates in a sophisticated product. Using advanced techniques such as pattern recognition, image analysis, and machine learning, these products offer state-of-the-art measurement solutions that drive efficiency and accuracy in industrial processes.

logmeter woodtech forestal

Logmeter: This innovative automated system provides real-time, truck by truck, highly precise solid volume measurements and estimates wood log biometric characteristics.

With Logmeter, companies are able to optimize raw material purchasing processes and supplier payments, assess wood quality, and estimate production volumes, thereby maximizing operational efficiency. Logmeter delivers accurate information, recording all data on a dashboard tailored to customer needs with auditable records.

Bulkmeter woodtech forestal

Bulkmeter: Designed for open roof containers, Bulkmeter offers precise measurements of actual volume using advanced technology.

This automated system ensures efficient materials management by identifying specific requirements, resulting in greater control, increased profitability, and enhanced competitiveness for companies.

Global Clients

Woodtech's technology has been enthusiastically adopted worldwide, with over 15 years of experience and over 100 units installed in different countries across America, Asia, Oceania, and Europe. Among the company's clients are some of the most prominent players in the Forestry Industry, such as Suzano, Arauco, Idaho Forest Group, UPM, April and West Fraser.

Additionally, Woodtech serves clients from a variety of other industries, including Mining, such as Pucobre and VALE, Construction, such as Coconal and Bitumix, and Energy and Steel Industry, such as FS Bioenergy and Gerdau, among others that allow Woodtech to consolidate its reputation as a key global provider in the industrial innovation development.

Transforming the Future of Industries

In a world driven by technology, companies that adopt innovative solutions focused on improving productivity like those offered by Woodtech are poised to lead and thrive in their respective markets. With cutting-edge products, a focus on precision and process rigor, and a globally recognized customer base, Woodtech is transforming the industrial landscape and paving the way for a more digitalized and profitable future for industries.

Discover more about Woodtech and make your company part of the future!


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