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IRIS 860

The game changer for pedestrian safety

IRIS 860 transforms your high visibility equipment into part of an active detection system.

Passive controls like high visibility vests and safe operating procedures are no longer considered sufficient risk mitigation for companies operating mobile plant around pedestrians. IRIS 860 LIDAR sensor actively detects reflective tape on high visibility safety gear*, transforming the standard high visibility vest into part of an active pedestrian alert system for forklifts and other mobile plant.

The variable-sized, targeted detection zone makes IRIS 860 sensors ideal for use on all types of mobile equipment, from 3-tonne forklifts to 40-tonne wheel loaders. Sensors can be mounted anywhere on the machine, and can also be mounted on fixed infrastructure to monitor exclusion zones.

IRIS 860

Transform your high visibility equipment into part of an active system for operational risk mitigation

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